Grassland in Lore Lindu

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padang savana lore linduThe grassland primarily found within the two enclaves but also extend into the Lore Lindu Park, particularly west of the trail between Napu Valley and the Besoa enclave. The species composition is fairly low in these areas, primarily composed of six or seven species of grass and Melastoma sp. (Melastomaceae.). Melastoma malabathicum in this grassland is one of invasive weedy or cosmopolitan plants. Villagers and local park rangers report that these areas are burned once every four to five years to replenish the vigorous growth of the grasses. The forest margins are amazingly sharp and do not show clear signs of erosion. Few classical pioneer genera are present, such as Macaranga sp (Euphorbiaceae) Trema or Celtis (Ulmaceae), and within a few hundred meters of the margin, the forest is indistinguishable from ordinary secondary regeneration. These grasslands have been present possibly hundreds or thousands years ago where the megalith statue in Besoa enclave placed in the middle of grassland.


One thought on “Grassland in Lore Lindu

    wahyu am said:
    Juni 3, 2009 pukul 5:30 pm

    walopun g mudeng artinya secara keseluruhan, saya adem ketika lihat foto didalam postingan ini 🙂

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