Precious Wild Mushroom

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Jamur enak

Villagers in Lore Lindu Park refer to it as Tangkidi. It is unclear since when these mushrooms have been eaten, but it is certainly one of the most commonly encountered mushroom species in the Lore Lindu area.  Even this mushroom quite enthused by people, so far it has not been cultivated, also because it is so common in the wild. The mushroom grows on dead wood in fields and gardens and is available throughout the year.
At the moment, this species attracts a decent market price of about US$ 0.15-0.20 per can (they are sold in used milk cans), mostly on the traditional Sunday markets, where it is often sold together with vegetables, rattan shoots, and other vegetable products. The cold and humid weather around Lore Lindu Park actually suitable for mushroom plantation. I think mushroom plantation activity can increase family income for community and reduce threat into the park.


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